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Stickbaits Jack Fin Pelagus 165-F

Every Jack Fin Lure has been meticulously tested to achieve the best possible action and they are constructed to the very highest standard.The Pelagus 165-F is a Floating lure where you can customise its action by varying the retrieve. long/Slow Jerk or WTD. Its a very versatile lure thats easy to use and is especially effective for Blue Fin Tuna when the baitfish are a bit larger. This lure casts great and will catch a multitude of different species. Very Strong 1.6mm Stainless Steel Through-wire and very hard durable high gloss finish mean this this lure is designed for heavy duty fishing

Jack Fin - Pelagus 165-F  - Black - 165mm - 50g  
[HLMainPic] Floating   

   £47.99 (£39.99 Excl Tax)   Add  

Jack Fin - Pelagus 165-F  - Fusilier - 165mm - 50g  
[HLMainPic] Floating   

   £47.99 (£39.99 Excl Tax)   Add  

Jack Fin - Pelagus 165-F  - Green Tuna Special - 165mm - 50g  
[HLMainPic] Floating   

   £47.99 (£39.99 Excl Tax)   Add  

Jack Fin - Pelagus 165-F  - Mackerel - 165mm - 50g  
[HLMainPic] Floating   

   £47.99 (£39.99 Excl Tax)   Add  

Jack Fin - Pelagus 165-F  - Sardine - 165mm - 50g  
[HLMainPic] Floating   

   £47.99 (£39.99 Excl Tax)   Add  


What`s it all about?

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