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RODS Popping and Spinning Ripple Fisher - Big Tuna

A world class name when it comes to GT and Tuna fishing, with world leading rod technology. The Big Tuna series has long been the benchmark for tuna rods globally and the Japan Special models are sure to prove the right tool for the job. Immense power while retaining the ability to work light lures when the tuna are feeding on small bait as is often the case in Europe, makes this the perfect tool for targeting European bluefin tuna as well as Yellowfin abroad. Super powerful rods for big fish and with superb quality finishing you expect from Ripple Fisher. A very difficult rod to find and one of the best known Big Tuna models.
Ripple Fisher - Big Tuna  - 83 Japan Special.  
[HLMainPic] 8`3" Lure 40 to 150g - PE6-8 Weight 412g. The 83 enables precise lure control and will easily work pencils and Sticks. Middle Class Rated.   

   £669.99 (£558.33 Excl Tax)   Add  

Ripple Fisher - Big Tuna  - 710 Japan Special  
[HLMainPic] 7`10" Lure 40g to 160g - PE6-12 Weight 393g. The 710 is sharp when casting and posseses added lifting power. For casting lighter lures especially. Heavy Class Rated.   

   £669.99 (£558.33 Excl Tax)   Add  

Ripple Fisher - Big Tuna  - 76 Japan Special  
[HLMainPic] 7`6" Lure 60g to 180g - PE8-12 Weight 398g. The 76 is for anglers with sights on Tuna over 200kgs. Capable of casting large lures as well as lighter lures from 60g. Strong Butt power with the fighting curve brought slightly nearer to the angler. Power Cla   

   £709.99 (£591.66 Excl Tax)   Add  

Ripple Fisher - Big Tuna  - 73 Japan Special  
[HLMainPic] 7`3" Lure 60g to 180g - PE8-12 Weight 406g. The 73 is for anglers targetting Tuna over 200kgs. This shorter rod is stiffer and better suited for anglers with confidence and strength.Power Class.   

   £719.99 (£599.99 Excl Tax)   Add  


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